Marcellus UMC

At Marcellus United Methodist Church we honor God with our presence, prayers, gifts and service. Worship, mission, Christian education and fellowship are at the center of our faithful lives as we respond to God’s unmerited grace through Jesus Christ. 


9:30 AM Sanctuary Worship

9:50 AM Children’s Faith Formation(after young disciple’s time in worship)

Fellowship with refreshments in Wesley Hall

11:00 AM  Adult and Youth Faith Formation (Christian Ed)

If you have any other questions or would like to be contacted by  our pastor, please call the office (315-673-3239). We hope and pray you will join us at 9:30 AM for our sanctuary worship service on Sunday mornings, in a missional effort, or in Christian Ed and bible study. You are most welcome.


2016 is the 200th year of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Methodist tradition in Marcellus, NY.  We have been planning and enjoying a variety of celebrations that help us remember our rich history and tradition that allows all of us today to continue to  REACH OUT FOR CHRIST, and to help us look to the future so that in 200 years, we are part of that glorious grace that laid the footsteps for our future generations to praise God and honor the Lord through their living! Take a look at our calendar of events, so far!

If you play keys, percussion or guitar, we are waiting for you. Bring your gifts to our worship service that combines traditional hymns and praise songs to honor the Lord our  God.  This is a paid position if you are 18+ years of age, volunteer if you are under 18.
email: with you inquiries!



Do you shop online?  Here’s a great way to support our church. Go to and sign up.  When you make a purchase on qualified websites a percentage of your purchase will go directly to Marcellus United Methodist Church.