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1 Slocombe Avenue
Marcellus, NY 13108-1121
Phone: 315-673-3239

Pastor: Reverend Stephen Deckard



Office hours:

Tues, Thurs. 1-4


Please email or call Rev. Deckard to schedule a mutually convenient
time to meet. or 315-729-2266


Administrative Assistant: Laurie Kenyon
MUMC Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 2:00-6:00

Director of Music/Pianist: Sally Bailey
Organist: Karen Lewien
Praise Band Director: Position is currently open

Director of Children and Youth Ministry: Position is currently open

Lay Leader: Bob Mueller

Administrative Council: Tracy Cheney, chair
Trustees: Mike Burt, chair
Finance: Kevin Wade, chair
Outreach: Laurie Moore, chair
Mission: Bob Mueller, chair
Christian Educations: Janet Frost, chair
UMW: Pam Mueller, chair
UMM: David Bailey, chair
Worship: Diane Lathrop, chair
SPPRC: Carol Williams, chair

Many others lead and volunteer to create a loving and faithful presence in the community and witness to the grace and mercy of our Lord.  If you have any questions, please call the office:

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