We praise God for the children God has entrusted to our care at MUMC.

We offer:

Young Disciples Time in worship – a time with pastor or other adult who breaks it down and makes the message mean something to the youngest in our care.

Sunday School – each Sunday of the school year, there is age appropriate learning of bible stories and characters so that our children learn lessons with meaning of grace and faith in their lives.  We are a Safe Sanctuary congregation and Sunday school program. All teachers have been trained in Safe Sanctuary best practices.

Holy Moly continues for children in Sunday School. Each week, kids watch an animated Bible story video, talk about the story, read the Bible, and work on an activity.

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Special Events:  Halloween at church? Yes!  Christmas party during advent with games, good food, crafts and a movie! Absolutely!  Eggs to color and possible hunt for in the yard? Why not! Jesus like to have fun, too.

We are committed by virtue of baptism of our children (UMC practices infant and child baptism) to create a love of Christ by nurturing the children in the faith. We believe in the nurture of the family, parents, grandparent and children.baptized

We hope you will bring your children to church with you here at MUMC and tell us how you would like us to help you guide your family in the faith – we are open to new ministries, fresh ideas and your input. There has just begun a Spiritual Parenting social media site on FB that will be bringing faith to the conversation of child rearing in a 21st century media culture.  You can help by sharing how you are doing just this – and what Jesus can do to help make it better!

We are praying for you and now we grow this ministry at MUMC.  Join us.

Volunteer Job Description for Sunday School Teacher


To promote the spiritual growth and transformation of the children of Marcellus United Methodist church. Sunday school teachers engage in a teaching ministry with children that emphasizes fun, religious identity, community, and learning.

Time frame:

As a teacher, you commit to serving as a part of a teaching team. The schedule rotates and is made in the beginning of the school year by the Christian Education Leader. For the weeks you are leading a session, plan on one hour of preparation and one hour with the children on Sunday morning.


  • Nurture children’s spiritual growth and transformation in cooperation with their parents/ guardians, and the rest of the church community.
  • Plan Sunday morning sessions in cooperation with other members of your teaching team.
  • Lead Sunday morning sessions, or assist that week’s lead teacher.
  • We are a safe sanctuary so yearly safe sanctuary training is required.
  • Have fun!

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Commitment to children’s spiritual growth, and ability to see the inherent worth and dignity of every child.
  • Ability to work as a part of a teaching team.

Benefits and opportunities:

  • Opportunity to get to know the children of Marcellus United Methodist Church.
  • Greater learning about God and His Word through preparing teaching
  • Relationship with a group that will love, support, and care for you
  • Ability to encourage class participation in church activities

Reference checks and/or background checks will be requested of all volunteers working with minors.

To apply for this volunteer job, contact:

Marcellus United Methodist Church at: