Men’s Clothing

Size 5T

Thank you

“On behalf of my family and myself, thank you to  everyone who brought food, sent cards and flowers, prepared food, and kept us in prayer.    I truly appreciate your friendship and I will always be grateful. “    — Judy Harkness & Family

Thank you

“A huge thank you to all who prayed for me and sent beautiful cards during my five month illness.    And many thanks to my God who has made me  normal again.    And thanks to pastor Robin and ladies of my church that called on me in the hospital and at home.    So glad to be able to come back to church.”     —Evelyn Riggall

Table Grace for Your Home

WE ARE THANKFUL Dear Lord, we are thankful for this day, set aside to honor all  the ways You bless us with Your goodness, love, and grace. We are thankful for the people at this table who add a variety  of wonderful things to our lives just by being who they are. We are thankful for the food we are about to eat, which You created for our nourishment and pleasure. Most of all, Lord, we thank You for always being there for us, guiding us, encouraging us, comforting us and blessing us. In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen. By Joanna Fuchs

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